QC assurance


More than half a century of presence in the machinery industry has led us to the conclusion that the continuous improvement of quality management systems is the right way to obtain customer satisfaction in order to continue competing in the market. Taking and implementing quality assurance approaches

Focus on customers and principles of customer orientation

Our performance is measured based on the demands and satisfaction of the customer.
Thanks to our attention to quality, flexibility and competitiveness and our ability to plan delivery times and provide adequate technical support, our customers know us as a top company in the design and production of industrial machinery and ice cream production equipment. Our target markets are mainly international.
We establish reliable relationships with our customers, which have been completed over years of cooperation, allowing us to anticipate their needs in terms of volume and type of request. We have a sales support team to help customers, manage orders and provide technical support to develop and customize the equipment requested by our customers.

Our focus on products

Maintaining and continuously improving technical knowledge of products and technologies used in products Using leading suppliers and components that are able to ensure the level of performance required to meet customer needs. Use of innovative machines and equipment Product categories are designed, manufactured, tested and installed based on market needs. Delivery according to schedule without delay and with guaranteed quality

Our focus on innovation

Continuous pursuit of all the latest technological innovations that can improve the company’s performance.
Promoting continuous development of IT systems, thereby ensuring fewer errors as well as reducing redundant work steps and optimal use of human resources

Focus on mandatory and voluntary regulations

Designing and manufacturing machines and equipment in accordance with national, EU and international standards
Ensuring continuous compliance with relevant regulations through information sources, recipes and standards


Our focus on colleagues

The working philosophy of the company is the professional training of all the people who work for our company
Continuous training, assessment of skills and awareness of colleagues, targeted performance, organization, optimization and respect for customers and suppliers are the foundations of our professional services

Our focus on processes

Our corporate processes are defined and documented with the support of colleagues
All managers are involved in continuous efforts to improve processes
Implementation of work methods that enable accurate identification and traceability of products and raw materials
Measuring the effectiveness of the company’s processes by implementing the necessary indicators and conducting internal audits (on our own processes) and external audits (on our suppliers)

Our focus on sustainable development

Considering sustainable development as a structural and long-term issue, for this reason, management by setting up targeted routines and designing machinery and equipment with maximum efficiency reduces the environmental effects in order to reduce the negative impact of its activities on the society and It has an environment

Our focus on social responsibility

  • Ensuring that
     Workers can freely negotiate with their employer
     Coercive force is not used
    No workers whose minimum age is below 18 years are used
     Health and safety working conditions are a comprehensive approach to reduce risks

Our focus on safety

Implementation of an occupational safety policy that includes prevention of professional and non-professional accidents and promotion of occupational health.


Our focus on the environment

Developing policies aimed at reducing energy consumption, which is part of our commitment to the environment, along with our desire to continuously improve work processes and all related activities.
Optimization of operational parameters to reduce energy consumption