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Quality Control Rules


More than 30 years of experience in the machine manufacturing industry have led us to believe that continuous improvement of quality management systems is the right way to gain customer satisfaction in order to continue to compete in the market. Consider the implementation and implementation of quality assurance approaches

Customer Focus and Customer Orientation Principles:

Our performance is measured on the basis of customer demands and satisfaction.
Our customers recognize us as a leading company in the design and production of industrial machinery and ice cream production equipment, thanks to our attention to quality, flexibility and competitiveness and our ability to plan delivery times and provide adequate technical support. Our target markets are mainly international.
We build trusted relationships with our clients, complemented by years of collaboration, allowing us to anticipate their needs in terms of volume and type of request. We have a sales support team to assist customers, manage orders and provide technical support to develop and customize the equipment our customers want.

Our focus on products:

Continuously maintain and improve the technical knowledge of products and technologies used in the products
Using leading providers and components that are able to ensure the level of performance needed to meet customer needs.
Use of innovative machinery and equipment
The product categories are analyzed by market requirements, design, production, testing and installation.
Delivered on schedule and without delay and guaranteed quality

Our focus on innovation:

Keep up-to-date with all the latest technology innovations that can improve a company’s performance.
Promote continuous development of IT systems, thereby ensuring fewer errors as well as reducing redundant workflows and optimizing the use of human resources

Focus on mandatory and voluntary regulations:

Design and manufacture of machinery and equipment in accordance with national, EU and international standards;
Ensure continuous compliance with relevant regulations through information sources of guidelines and standards

Our focus on partners:

The business philosophy of the Vocational Training Company is everyone who works for our company Continuous training, evaluating the skills and knowledge of colleagues, targeted performance, organization, optimization, and respect for our clients and providers are the cornerstones of our professional service.

Our focus on processes:

Our corporate processes are defined and documented with the support of our partners.All managers involved are constantly striving to improve processes Implementation of working methods that enables accurate identification and traceability of products and raw materials.Evaluate the effectiveness of company processes by implementing the necessary indicators and performing internal audits (on our own processes) and external audits (on our suppliers).

Our focus on sustainable development:

Considering sustainable development as a long-term structural issue is why management by targeting routines and designing machines and equipment with maximum efficiency reduces environmental impacts to reduce the negative impact of their activities on society and Has an environment

Our focus on social responsibility:

Ensuring that:

– Workers can freely negotiate with their employer.
– Force is not used.
– No workers under the age of 18 shall be employed
Health and safety working conditions are a comprehensive approach to reducing risks.

Our focus on safety:

Implement a Occupational Safety Policy that includes the prevention of occupational and occupational accidents and the promotion of occupational health.

Our focus on the environment:

Develop policies to reduce energy consumption, which is part of our commitment to the environment, along with our desire to continually improve our business processes and all related activities. Optimization of executive parameters to reduce energy consumption

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