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UL7000 – linear Filling machine for cup /cone

Calippo rotary filler

In this machine using cup placer the cups are without any waste and fault be placed in start of production line after that enter the capping phase then they will be closed shut with aluminium doors.

Notables :
  1. High quality products
  2. Easy to use
  3. Safe and fast cleaning
  4. Placement flexibility with various fillers and decorations
  5. Using the best controllers of the world
  6. Minimum amount Personnel needed



OL7000 – Cornetto linear Filling Machine

Cornetto linear Filling Machine

In this machine slaves are removed without any waste and placed at first station again. chocolate distributor inserts exact level of chocolate in slaves for moving to filling phase. In filling phase there are multiple choices for filling i.e one color with and without sauce, simple 2 colors and twisted 2 colors. after this phase some options for decorating and adding some other ingredients are given in this machine.

there are some different door options available suitable for every designs.