Marami Industrial Company

ice-cream machinary

Manufacture of ice cream production line machines –  machines such as linear filling machines and rotary filling machines under the titles of Coronto filling machines – Ice mac filling machines – cup ice cream filling machines and liter filling machines.

These machines are currently operating in the largest ice cream factories inside Iran and in countries such as Iraq – Pakistan – Turkey – Russia and European countries.

Merami Industrial Group was established in 1980  in the field of manufacturing and manufacturing of ice cream machines which is currently one of the largest manufacturers of ice cream machines in the world.

The company’s goal is to produce the latest and highest quality devices. Vertical machine manufacturing machines in various domestic and foreign factories, which have been accompanied by complete consumer satisfaction, have demonstrated the success of the company in satisfying industry owners.

Merami Co  Manufacturer of Ice Cream Machines

Ice Cream , The way you Desire